Articulation is Victory


One thought on “Articulation is Victory

  1. I often consult a dictionary to probe meaning when I come across a powerful word. In this case the fifth definition of “Articulation” caught my attention:

    5. Botany

    a. a joint or place between two parts where separation may take place spontaneously, as at the point of attachment of a leaf.

    b. a node in a stem, or the space between two nodes.

    The documentary filmmaking process is about creating the aforementioned “node” or even “the space between two nodes.” Through the recording of sound, words, music and images, we assemble the communication which permits growth of audience and ultimately ideas. The chemistry of the filmmaking process (between individuals and groups) is critical as it determines the strength of the bond at the point of attachment between the evolving ideas and associated actions.

    We are exceptionally fortunate to discover, develop and maintain relationships with partners who naturally compliment a shared vision of this advancement. Letting go of single focus leadership and encouraging others to elevate towards group or thematic potentials is no doubt a miraculous process.

    Fortunately, it appears that there is much to be learned as we turn new corners and continue trusting the creative process and its innumerable offerings. Here is to making the rights, lefts and circles that lead us onto greater connectivity and meaning.

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